Siddha Bliss: Scent of Samadhi

Siddha Bliss: Scent of Samadhi

Brand: Sensitive Planet

Be among the first to enjoy our NEW Siddha Blisss: scintillating aromas in the next generation of our best-selling Scent of Samadhi!       Our new formulation o...Read more

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Be among the first to enjoy our NEW Siddha Blisss: scintillating aromas in the next generation
of our best-selling Scent of Samadhi!





Our new formulation of "Siddha Bliss" Scent of Samadhi enhances the spiritually uplifting essence of peace and optimism.
Our Classic Scent of Samadhi that you each of you hold dear for its meditative and mood uplifting properties has now been engineered to include more mystical components with ingredients, including more of sandalwood & rose to create Siddha Bliss.

    • Deeper meditatve aroma
    • Longer lasting- enhanced by our sweat and hormones.
    • Manufactured with sandwood obtained through sustainable source.
    • Subtle and gentle fragrance to uplift our mood
    • Refined texture for ease of application
    • Your purchase helps our heart's endeavor- Ariven Temple Vision



This newest addition features a fragrant and earthy sandalwood essence. Known for its qualities of invoking a deeply relaxed state, sandalwood helps make meditation even more profound! Sandalwood is one of those gems that has been lovingly utilized in cultural and spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

In addition, there are notes of subtle yet intoxicating rose. Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. The flower is an integral part of innumerable stories, legends, myths and legacies. With its varied colors, incomparable fragrance and range of shapes and sizes, you can find a rose for every mood and occasion.

The marriage of rose and sandalwood in this new version of scent and samadhi is transporting. Imagine flying on a magic carpet and being stimulated to envision your dreams as reality. The masculine and feminine properties of the sandalwood-rose marriage create a sense of tranquil balance in those who use it.

The new Siddha Bliss herbal deodorant and fragrance has to be experienced to truly be appreciated!

Our enlightening gift to you:
Complimentary digital download of
Turiya Nada: Cave of the Siddhars Siddha Mantra Chant Music Album

Track One:Dance of the Siddhars-The awakening!
Track Two: Siddha Joy- Awaken the Goddess
Track Three: Siddha Intensity- Journey through the awakened chakras as in joys as flame in union.
Track Four: Cave of the Siddhars- The infinite joys of being One. At the peak.

Cave of the Siddhars
Album is one of the most highly reviewed classics of chant music. Cave of the Siddhars is the sacred transmission of powerful and potent mantras and meditative energies that have been passed down through an ancient lineage of enlightened Sages, the Siddhars of South India. Chants performed by Siddhar Master Nandhiji, tracks are accompanied by the didgeridoo, harp, singing bowls, djembe, udu, gongs, flute and other instruments. Each track of Turiya Nada's Cave of the Siddhars will take you on a mystical spiritual journey that will both delight and transform you!
The Ultimate Consciousness Music! Cave of the Siddhars has calibrated at the level of enlightenment on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.


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