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Samadhi (sa-mah-dee) means, "The inexpressible pure bliss of union with the Divine".


Scent of Samadhi is an ancient, all-natural, herbal perfume powder used by the yogis of South India. Ideal for yoga, meditation, body work & simple joys in life.




 It is an effective deodorant that works along with the body’s natural aroma to create a fragrance of inspiration, bliss, optimism and calm.

- This mood uplifting intoxicating natural fragrance adapts to your own body chemistry. Specially unique to YOU! 
-  When you perspire, Scent of Samadhi transforms your own body aroma to a divine fragrance. Works with your body chemistry.
-  This fragrance can guide you inward, bringing a deeper clarity and focus when meditating, doing yoga or when working. 
- Trigger your hidden sensual scent- the tantric magic. 
- Wear it to feel good and attract abundance in all aspects of your life! 
- Scent of Samadhi is worn and appreciated by both women & men.

While wearing Scent of Samadhi, we experience the feelings of being  'beautiful and wonderful' inside-out and a sense of well being. These positive vibrations actually enable all good things to happen around us. 



Yogis of India use this herbal powder as a deodorant that works with their body's natural chemistry to create a unique scent specific to each individual. In addition,  Yogis use Scent of Samadhi as an aid in their meditation. In fact, they consider this herbal formula to be the same vibrational resonance as the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance! 




Each Scent of Samadhi is carefully packaged in a unique one-of-a-kind gift bag made from traditional Indian Saris handmade by a woman's textile cooperative of disadvantaged single women in rural villages in India. Making these pouches provides a much needed income to a group that is traditionally ostracized by society. 




 I don't use anti-perspirant because of the aluminum and other chemicals they contain and can actually cause cancer. So I prefer to use a natural deodorant, followed by natural cornstarch powder and a dab of Samadhi in my armpits. I put a little on my neck in place of cologne. I LOVE the scent, and never have to worry about B.O. anymore. I even have people comment when they are near me, that 'something' smells good all of a sudden! My husband loves it too. I highly recommend if you're an organic, all natural kind of person like me. And yes, one jar can easily last for several months!"   - Lauren, CA

"Ooh la la, I have found my signature scent. I truly love this scent equally because
A. it smells sooooo nice and sweet/feminine/earthy, B. lasts all day long, and C. is purely natural"    - Robin, OR
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