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Namaste!  Greetings!

Sensitive Planet is 'the enlightening marketplace' as we seek to bridge the yogic wisdom of Sages through products and services which support our lifestyle and achievements, while reducing stress in today's dynamic social and work environments. We focus promote and sell tools of consciousness, wellbeing, harmony and healing through ancient yogic wisdom.


We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you. Your purchase supports and assists our heart work, the 3 Ariven Temple Visions- Consciousness in action. 

Ariven Community: Empowering Communities: Global sanctuaries for retired animals, yoga community, biodynamic farming: Empowering Communities  www.ariven.org

Declaration of Consciousness Movement: Empowering Humanity   www.declarationofconsciousness.org 

World Yogi Day: Empower Yourself- Be the Yogi:  www.worldyogiday.com




Founder: Nandhiji : awake@nandhi.com  www.nandhi.com