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Mastery of Consciousness Yoga Teachings

Mastery of Consciousness Teachings by Nandhiji conveys the mystical teachings of the Siddha Sages in effective tools and techniques that are simple and yet potent in creating magnificent realities.
In our daily life, optimizing our each thought through Mastery of Consciousness awakens the Yogi in each of us, capable of infinite creativity, efficiency and empowered doings.
Mastery of Consciousness teachings in wisdom and grace is imparted through his book; Turiya Nada music; SivaSivaa meditation initiation teaching; and the ongoing Mentorship membership program.


Nandhiji, with the blessings of his Gurus, offers these teachings to anyone regardless of their religion, path, etc. The only requisite is the intense desire to be liberated and experience yor highest true self.







Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. 

After being initiated through a traumatic 'multi-death experience', where he saw all of his past lives and how they ended, Nandhiji, realized there was more to life than what he could see, feel, taste, touch and hear. He experienced a light so bright within himself that there was no denying an infinite Universal power, greater than a million burning suns. Having such a powerful encounter with Divinity, Nandhiji was inspired to offer his life to a higher calling. Through this deep inner yearning to realize his spiritual wholeness, Nandhiji awakened to his Life's Purpose. 

With the direct guidance of realized Masters, the Siddha Gurus, a mystical lineage dating back thousands of years, Nandhiji continued his initiations through sacred pilgrimages to mountain shrines, caves and temples and his greatest teacher, the spiritual wilderness. With the spark of the Divine guiding his every step, his heart burned with passion and he continued to consecrate his devotion to a life long pursuit of Consciousness and inner Wisdom. He took on several austerities, fasting, yoga, meditation and solitude, only to realize that to serve humanity in the most humble of ways, was to be a householder and raise a family as an expression of 'consciousness in action' while as yogi, to unfold the dream and intent of consciousness for humanity. 

The fruits of his journey are offered in Nandhiji's teachings, in his book, Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji's message is, "Awaken the inner lamp of wisdom and self-mastery, which has the power through JOY to birth Genius." Nandhiji envisions a humanity of 'Consciousness in Action' and a Planet Earth of Compassion through Yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.


Nandhiji's 3 visions are: 

World Yogi Day- Empower Yourself- Be the Yogi!

Ariven Community- Empowering Community

Declaration of Consciousness Movement- Empowering Humanity

Download the short Autobiography of Nandhiji  here







Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awaken the Inner Prophet

The intent of this book is for the readers is to Awaken & Be the Prophet by alighting our own inner Guru, the lamp of wisdom.





SivaSivaa Teachings of mantra initiation, breathing techniques (pranayama), supermind meditation teachings:

Double Disc Set With Energized Turban, Rudraksha Mala and Sacred Prasad of the Ariven Siddha Temple.  A life changing journey of grace to align the inner Lamp with Nandhiji!







Turiya Nada: Light Your Inner Fire- Siddha Mantra Chants

Awaken the dance within to the realms of the Siddhar Sages, turiya, the blessings of consciousness!






Kalangi Kundalini: Yoga for the Achiever DVD

For many years people all over the world have been writing to Nandhiji to learn his mystical form of yoga. As a result, Nandhiji is pleased to release the first ever Kalangi Kundalini: Yoga for the Achiever DVD- Basics! 

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga





Siddha Mandiram Mantra Cd Series

Mantra chants to empower yourself.  Utilize the empowering vibrations of the intense Siddha mantra chant for heal, body work, meditate and uplift the mind. 









Puja Items for your home shrine/altar-  create your own Temple, your heart's altar that connects You to Source in daily celebrations!