Motivation Posters: Mastery of Consciousness

Motivation Posters

Mastery of Consciousness Series

Inspiration, motivation, empowerment, intuitive thinking, focus and ability to make the right decisions is the nature of Mastery of Consciousness, the mystic yogic insights of the higher conscious states of the mind. These quotes are from Nandhiji's Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awaken the Inner Prophet More info

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Realities & mind cause cyclical moods- the Siddhartha.

Whirl the mind within into the Inner Fire & twirl realities-

attaining timelessness be Buddha.

Awake, journey beyond Buddha.
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The greatest of all human desires is to be FREE

Free of the mind, free of imprisoning limits, free of dogma, free of attachments

As Spirit, we celebrate the human magnificence from our mind’s rooftop.

When awake, we are the Masters- free to Be
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Liberated from the mind and beliefs, climb above to the mind’s rooftop.

In singular focus on Source/ Infinity/ God in perpetual joy, invoke and Be.

Our Inner Lamp lit, grace flows through our each breath in blessings.  

In Consciousness, be the Prophet, the WE.
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Meditate and dwell in timelessness.

Timelessness dwells time.

Define time in heart doings.

Lighting our Inner Lamp, be the WE.
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Within each is the Lamp.

Lit, awake is the Inner Guru.

Alight, tend the sacred fires.

In Consciousness arise!
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Awaken the joys of the void mind to the rapture.

Celebrate the Dance of the Dancer within

~ Consciousness.

In knowing the vibrancy of perpetual joy, the

Master BE.
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Light our inner lamp to Know from within.

In knowing all the universes and our realities,

emerge from within, celebrate, nurture and expand Consciousness

Liberated in wisdom, awake, Siva Be
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Lighting the Lamp within, attain Consciousness

Awake, We are the Mahatma, the Prophet,

As Messenger of Peace, uplift humanity in Being!
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All scientists of ancient India were yogis who expanded consciousness to

question and seek truth from within.

Awake, WE each shine our unique genius from the states of the supermind

of turiya, the sleepless sleep.
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Awake, in Consciousness we know.

In our doings is being the Leader.

Where Consciousness is, victory always is.

As Master, Be.
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Lighting the inner lamp to attain mastery of

each thought, further frontiers of humanity.

Awake, the Messenger of Peace Be.

Breaking the limits of the mind, body &

circumstances in grace of WE, Be!
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When we realize we are the Spirit having this amazing human experience,

we awaken to our purpose in this universe.

We enhance the potency of each thought to uplift humanity

in inspired doings through our Knowing.

Inspired we are the many as One.
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