Rudraksha Malas

Rudraksha Malas




Empower, intensify and impregnate your inner journey to light utilizing a 108 Rudraksha Mala!

Why 108? 108 as a number for sacred beads has been utilized by nearly all major religions as that which completes the prayer and intent, i.e, the effects of a mantra in its ancient presence and the mystical resonance comes alive with having recited the mantra 108 times. (For more info on the mystical number 108)

Why utilize the Rudraksha as beads? For several thousands of years, the yogis, saints, saddhus and millions living in India, consider the Rudraksha beads as one of the most sacred representations of Lord Siva. It has been shown that Rudraksha beads have electromagnetic properties. Wearing or chanting with the rudraksha mala serves as protective and divinely guided energies of Source contributing to health, wealth and spiritual attuning.

Why recite with a Mala? Whenever we recite mantras utilizing our mala, we store these energies in our mala. When we sit to meditate, the mala then carries all our spiritual journeys that come present in our meditation. Imagine having done several pilgrimages in several countries and then sitting down to bring all the experiences into the Now moment while meditating! This is but one of the many sacred dimensions of reciting with a mala.

What is special about these 8MM 108 Mala Rudraksha beads offered on Sensitive Planet? 
~ Made by our reliable manufacturer in India
~ Strong thread knotted in traditional life for long life
~ 5 Mukhi (5 faces) of each bead in the Mala symbolizes peace, harmony, enlightenment and wellbeing.
~ Each Mala is further empowered by a sacred puja (a worship ritual) in India and in Santa Monica by Ariven Turiya Sakti Temple.
~ Quality Rudraksha beads.






Product Name : Rudraksha mala 8mm in thread
Description : Mala of medium sized five mukhi beads of size 8mm in thread knotted in traditional style, and tassel.

Bead size:8mm 

No. of beads- 108 + 1

Length- 38 inches