SAFFRON CLOTH: Cotton (5.1 ft x 3.1 ft) [Blessed in Thiruvannamalai]  
Prime Uses: 
- As Turban for enhanced meditation 
- As Dhoti, a meditation wear
- As a shawl
- As an energy seat for meditation

Saffron is a spiritual color. Saffron represents the golden body of the awake soul.Wearing saffron lifts the mind and our mental vibrations to the golden light. Wearing a 'dhoti' is the most comfortable to meditate in. Wearing a turban on your head while meditating provides a deep and intense experience since it nurtures the kundalini flow awakened by meditation. These cotton saffron are specially long to suit as turban and as a meditation shawl.


TURBAN: A turban is important for enhanced meditation. It must be experienced. Yogis and most religions recommend covering the head while praying/meditating. Reason: above the skull (center of the crown chakra)  is what the yogis call- the sarasu and it is from here that the soul is said to descend into the baby or leave while dying. Sarasu is also a huge energy field. By covering the head, the energy is retained to help the inner fire build.  Comes with instructions on how to tie a turban.
Also ideal to be wrapped around like the saddhu in the picture below.



AS DHOTI: The most ideal meditation wear is a saffron cloth since it is extremely comfortable and most suitable for sitting in crossed leg position. Nearly all saddhus and spiritual seekers in India wear this cotton dhoti instead of pants.

AS SHAWL: While meditating, it is recommended to keep the body covered and this saffron cloth as shawl works along with the energies built up through meditation. Wearing a shirt is not encouraged in meditation as the shirt on the skin has distracting properties.

 AS ENERGIZED SEAT: As an energy seat to sit on while meditating, saffron insulates distractive energies of earth while assisting in the vibrations of the meditator.

We recommend:
 For the Yogi  1 as Turban + 1 as Dhoti + optional 1 as Shawl

For the Yogini

 1 as Turban + 1 as Dhoti + 1 as Shawl


* By ordering for the SivaSivaa meditative journey with Nandhiji, you will get a free turban. For more info on SivaSivaa, please click here.