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      Purchase through amazon here:   Official Release of Our New Album: ARAKARA Ecstasy of the Awake- Siddhar Trance of Inner Fire White Swan Records is proud to present Turiya Nada’s incomparable Arakara, a powerful aural document of ancient-meets-modern devotion. Arakara means: induce the sacred magic of the Now, no...Read more

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Official Release of Our New Album: ARAKARA

Ecstasy of the Awake-
Siddhar Trance of Inner Fire

White Swan Records is proud to present Turiya Nada’s incomparable Arakara, a powerful aural document of ancient-meets-modern devotion.

Arakara means: induce the sacred magic of the Now, now!




Listen to Sample Tracks:


Dance of the Siddhars

(Awaken the inner guru)

yoga music

Siddhi Ganapathy

(Lord of Success)

yoga music

Vel Vel Muruga

(Kundalini power)

yoga music

Arakara Sankara

(Invoke & Be)

yoga music


(Awaken the Mind's Genius)

yoga music

Siva Siva Arakara

(Ancient Grace of Being)

yoga music

Aum Sakti

(Goddess Presence)

yoga music

Aum Namah Sivaya

(Celebrate Lord Siva)

yoga music


(Declaration of Consciousness for Humanity)

yoga music

Maha Panchakshara Siddhi

(Summon Grace)

yoga music

Secretive Vasi Mantra

(Breath's Secret Chant)

yoga music


After over 5 years of intent to create a wave of music to reach humanity as blessings of the Siddhars, Arakara was created. The meditative powers within the resonance as seeds of mighty consciousness, alongside the joys of the special musical composition is the dance of awakening. Arakara will make you dance in the sacred joys!


CD Includes 16 page booklet with the Siddhar mantras, the deeper experiental wisdom within and the blessings of our ancient Siddhar lineage.


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Detailed Description of Individual Tracks

Track One: Dance of the Siddhars - 9:29 min



Awaken the primal desire to unite! Call of ancient Master of Light within ourselves.

Track Two: Siddhi Ganapathy - 8:52 min


For those serious about the inner journey, Arakara contains a rare sound recording on this track Siddhi Ganapathy and the "INNER AUM" The chant of the Inner Aum is an ancient Siddhar technique, never before heard of in the Western yoga world till date. It is the high pitched sound in the track.
The Lord of Success. Let's begin the inner journey through the sacred resonance setting alight the inner lamp of the root chakra! The Magical moment of the awakened moment of NOW!


Track Three: Vel Vel Muruga - 6:21 min


Siddhar Yagna


This powerful mantra song of Lord Muruga is the dance of Mother
Kundalini. When we are awakened to supreme ecstasy by the union of ourselves with Source, a light runs up our spine and exits as a halo of light around our crown- and we become the form and shape of "Vel", the spear of Light. Lord Muruga who carries the Vel, awakens us in this Kundalini dance.
To awaken to this ancient primal resonance is to also realize the essence of the six pointed star. The six pointed star unites the male
and female energies and thus it represents Wholeness as Source/God. It is a Oneness that predates all religion. It is the Oneness of all that is. These are moments to realize God/Souce as One and come back to the Oneness of humanity as grace of enlightenment.

Track Four: Arakara Sankara- 7:25 min


From our Siddhar wisdom, the essence of Source and our direction towards worship is done, in large part, through joy and bliss. When we awaken our inner most joy through the resonance empowered by our lineage of light, our Gurus, we are Nataraja, the dancing Siva, who moves every atom in the universe with wisdom and intent, and in doing so, destroys the old and makes way for the new. When we invoke Lord Siva through our states of joy, we are that dance of the universe.

Track Five: Govinda- 3:59 min

Lord Vishnu


In our realization to inner wisdom, we seek truth from our own experience. Lord Siva, the destroyer of ignorance, is the Spirit, our Soul. Lord Vishnu, the preserver, is our awake mind. Lord Brahma, the creator, is our ego.
This song is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, our awake mind as in the mantra "GOVINDA". In all religions, reference to the prophet has often been as the shepherd. The "shepherd" refers to the thoughts of the mind directed towards Source. Govinda means "the cowherd." The cow is our abundant mind that knows the dharma/goodness/love of simply giving as Source is ever giving to us in abundance, if we awaken to be conscious of this awareness. To herd each thought to Source is to be Govinda.

Track Six: Siva Siva Arakara- 6:42 min

Siddhar mantra music


This mantra, "AYYA SIVA SIVA SIVA SIVAA; ARAKARA, ARAKARAA" is an ancient Siddhar mantra that connects us to the lineage of Siddhar Thirumulanathar, Siddhar Bhoganathar, Siddhar Kalanginathar among the few ancient Siddhars named. This is Guru Ayya's mantra.
Blessings of this mantra- receive the ancient grace of being connected as the shared breath of the Siddhars; be the manifestor- channel the mind to create what is desired; Ultimately awaken to be the Spirit utilizing the human purpose for Higher Good.

Track Seven: Aum Sakti- 6:09 min

Within all we experience as reality and as matter is energy- the Goddess. The Goddess when invoked as Energy is invoked as a simple but potent resonance. We are awakening our inner fires of grace. One of the basic nature of the mystical pathway of the Siddhars is simplicity and experiential wisdom instead of intellect. When our intent to invoke the Goddess is from the heart and our mind can grip as simple mantra resonance as "AUM SAKTI AUM SAKTI AUM", the Goddess is invoked within us as Mother Kundalini.

Track Eight: Aum Namah Sivaya- 3:18 min

The mantra NA MAH SI VA YA is noted by Siddhar Sages to contain earth, water, fire, air and space/infinity. The five syllable mantra prefixed by Aum is the supreme among all mantras and is capable of fulfilling all the aspirations of the seeker.
The most powerful mantra is not the mantra received from even a Guru but a mantra that is derived from within. When this mantra was given by Guru Bhairava Sekar Swamy to Nandhi, he said, "Angelic Beings revolve around Lord Siva and even they use a mantra to invoke Lord Siva "The mantra is- AUM, AUM, AUM; AAH, AAH, AAh; AUM NAMAH SIVAYA" "

Track Nine: Shaalom- 3:02 min



The root of all religions is peace. The roots of wisdom of all cultures
through out the world is to come into harmony and realize the One as
our Oneness.
"Shaa" is the root sound of momentum and energy as in speed, schedule, stationary etc- the Goddess energy. The Sages of the East declare that only when humanity awakens to the Goddess consciousness and treats all women' especially one's wife, with respect, dignity and devotion that we will ascend from being
barbarian to being civilized.
"Laa" is the essence of Allah, a paramount name of God whose grace is abundance of whatever we desire. Allah as God is a beautiful grace to invoke. "AUM" is the heart within each living creature, the home of Source/God. SHAALOM is the intent of Peace- the peace of realizing the One as Oneness- the peace of Mahatma Gandhi's single worded life message- Ahimsa. Ahimsa means non-violence, non-killing, non-hurting any living creature. As we sing Shaalom together, let us foster the birth of higher consciousness for humanity as in realizing Peace that is Ahimsa.
Blessings of the mantra Shaalom- peace for ourselves and our realities; peace for humanity; peace for all the living' awakening higher consciousness for Planet Earth.

Track Ten: Maha Panchakshara Siddhi- 7:13 min

Siddhar Rajaswamy


It is for the first time in human history that such a powerful Siddhar
mantra is being shared with humanity by the Siddhar Sages- as we expand fast beyond the critical mass of enlightenment. This mantra as
imparted to Nandhi by Siddhar Rajaswamy who received it from his Guru, Kagapujunda Thalaiyattinathar.
The Siddhar Sages utilize the power of highest wisdom to attain an even more powerful resonance, the Maha Panchakshara Siddhi Mantra.When we listen to this mantra, absorb the vibrations through the surrender of our every thought.As with realizing Source to attain an even higher conscious mind, we are able to attain more of Source.


Track Eleven: Secretive Vasi Mantra- 8:28 min




Vasi is a secret word that means far too many facets of the divine. Si Va put backwards is Va Si. To know the Absolute through breath is Va Si. The sound Va Si holds transforming wisdom of the breath. to that state beyond breath.

This track contains a small challenge to of the yogi breath around the world. Yoga is not about being a good gymnast or about memorizing scriptures but about going beyond breath to be one with Source. The wisdom of the breath and the breathless realm is entwined to the resonance of the mantra.

The mantra:


Si Va Ya Na Ma

Ya Na Va Si Ma

Ma Va Ya Na Si

Si Ya Na Ma Va

Va Si Ma Ya Na


Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum