Heart Cave- Siddhar Guha Nathar The Eternal Fire of the Heart Cave!

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"Seated in the center of Void,He descended into my heart's temple,And there His place He took;And as He descended,I stood up saying: "My Father Come";Thus as I greeted,Siva in my thoughts instant Stood."-Siddhar Thirumulanathar Within our depth exists true joy that has always been lit as the life force and waiting to b...Read more

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"Seated in the center of Void,
He descended into my heart's temple,
And there His place He took;
And as He descended,
I stood up saying: "My Father Come";
Thus as I greeted,
Siva in my thoughts instant Stood."

-Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Within our depth exists true joy that has always been lit as the life force and waiting to be acknowledged. As children, in our innocence, we were aware of this joy from simple acts which kept us close to the heart and gradually, and as we grew, we were conditioned to forget this primal joy which was lit and stands as lit ever before.

The yogis search the external for seclusion as caves wherein they could plunge deep within themselves to find the lit lamp of their heart. Once the lit lamp of awareness grows brighter, the spiritually evolved pour their mind like fuel for this lamp and gradually the Light as primal truth absorbs all thought and perceptions arising from thought. As Light, the evolved then keep their awareness of the supreme truth wherever they travel, carrying with them the key to their eternal origin which is just a thought away.

Wherever the spiritually awakened are, they would know that the knower sits as the lit lamp within their heart and then whether in a busy street rushing through, or in the midst of an important decision making, all thoughts arise from the sacred light. Shining in this delightful glow and keeping the lamp lit brighter each day, the heart's cave's radiance transcends from every thought to action and life lived as the heart's delight is divine earthly fulfillment and heaven's presence. This painting celebrates the joy of knowing and dwelling in the heart!

Characteristics: heals, manifests, inspires, showers harmony, protects, guides

Ideal Place: meditation/yoga room, living room, dining hall, office room, study, hospital, children's room

Chakra Centers: From the heart, connecting to the third eye, between the eye brows

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