Invoke The Masters (Double Disc Cd Set)

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Invoke the Masters         This special album, Invoke the Masters is the continued inspired breath of Cave of the Siddhars. Invoke the Masters has been described as a 'notch' more powerful than Cave of the Siddhars. The powerful Siddhar mantras have been weaved along with the didgeridoo, the harp, keyboard, percussion,...Read more

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Invoke the Masters





This special album, Invoke the Masters is the continued inspired breath of Cave of the Siddhars. Invoke the Masters has been described as a 'notch' more powerful than Cave of the Siddhars.

The powerful Siddhar mantras have been weaved along with the didgeridoo, the harp, keyboard, percussion, flute, tambura, singing bowls, acoustic harp and cymbal.

Invoke the Masters carries within several sublime features. The special features include:
- 'Inner Aum' to invoke the Goddess energy and stimulate the 'moon breath' to create harmony with the kundalini awakening- Track One.
- The sing-along challenge of the yogic breath while chanting the powerful "Vasi" mantra- Track 6
- The sacred experiences of the pilgrimages to the sublime realms of the enlightened yogis that are conveyed through the chants.
- Potent Siddhar chants that are for the first time coming out of the inner circle. These chants are transforming and being immense energy fields, the listener's inner and outer realities become Source aligned.
- A 10 page booklet that provides insights to each track and the interesting wisdom of the mystical Siddhar yogis related to each mantra chanted.
- The invocation of 210 Siddhars, the Beings of Light is by Siddhar Rajaswamy carries with the invocation, the secretive location where each of these Masters meditated through their life. The details of the invocation is mentioned in the booklet.

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Listen to Sample Tracks:

Siddhi Ganapathy 8:51 yoga music
Siddha Namah Sivaya 3:43 yoga music
Sri Yantra 5:35 yoga music
Nambi Hills 5:21 yoga music
Dance of Kundalini 10:01 yoga music
The Secretive Vasi Mantra Vasi 8:27 yoga music
Invoke the Siddhar Gurus by Siddhar Rajaswamy 4:05 yoga music



Siddhar Rajaswamy

About the Music
Story of Ayya
How to use Turiya Nada CDs

Gratitude to the wonderful musicians who created Invoke the Masters CD One.

Didgeridoo: Cofe Fiakpui
Harp: Edwing Sankey
Keyboard: Ming Freeman
Keyboard: Tadashi Namba
Percussion: Christo Pillani
Flute: Sam Moss
Tambura: Maitreya
Cymbals: Sherry Modal
Singing bowls: Hank Wank
Acoustic bass: Joel Eltor
English horn: Vernel Montogomery

Chants: Nandhiji
Edwing Sankey & Tadashi Namba

Yogic Insights within Invoke the Masters-

Secretive and empowering Siddhar mantras: Siddhar mantras are powerful not only because they are easy for the mind to hold on to while in a single pointed focus but also because, each of the mantras were chanted continuously by an unbroken lineage of enlightened masters whose presence is impregnated in the mantra. Due to the enormous powers, these mantras were meant only for those within the initiate circle. Some of the ancient Siddhar mantras featured on Invoke the Masters are for the first time ever being chanted for all to hear!

Siddhar Rajaswamy meditating in the sacred streams of Nambi Hills

The Inner AUM
(In the track One of Siddhi Ganapathy): The Inner Aum is the Goddess energies- the moon breath. Like there is the universe and the black-hole, there exists beyond the AUM that we know- the Inner AUM. The Inner Aum is much like a dolphin that makes the high pitched resonance without breathing out much air. Siddhar Sages utilize the advanced yogic resonance of the Inner OM to as an effective way to calm and harmonize the mind before the inner journey.

"Only when humanity worships the Goddess does humanity ascend", observe the the Siddhars Sages, the mystic yogis of South India who journey beyond enlightenment. Experience the Inner Aum of the Goddess!

By listening and experiencing the Inner AUM, in an instant we bring the powerful energy of harmony and unconditional love as a foundation before listening to the rest of the album that is intense.

When the awakened Kundalini energy climbs upwards from a foundation that is in harmony, we are able to manifest inside ourselves and in the external realities- all that is in flow with our true potential.


Challenge to the Yogis (The track Six of VaSi): Today's yoga in the West especially seems to ignore the rich treasure that is within a yoga practice. Yoga is not about being the most flexible or strong but about transcending the limits of the body and mind to be one with Source through breath. The ancient yogic wisdom of the science of breath is called “Vasi yoga”. This secretive yoga teaching is the culmination of all the techniques put together through our yoga practice to reach a place where we have been able to experience the state of higher consciousness beyond the mind and we are able to glide in the realms beyond breath. Nandhi wishes to gift you a painting that has the Vasi mantra for you to sing along.

Sing along with the mantra! Have fun! Of course, anyone can achieve the “Vasi” breath! The extended breath is not so much the capacity of the lungs. The deep resonance is energy fields that are guided within through inner joys to be Oneness where breath is absorbed.


Invoke the 210 Siddhar Gurus by Siddhar Rajaswamy:
The actual live recording of the invocation of the perfected light beings, the Siddhars, in a Siddhar threshold in Mahalingamalai at an auspicious time with the sacred fire by Siddhar Rajaswamy.


Track 1: Siddhi Ganapathy: For those serious about the inner journey, Invoke the Masters contains a rare sound recording on this track – Siddhi Ganapathy and the "INNER AUM" The chant of the Inner Aum is an ancient Siddhar technique, never before heard of in the Western yoga world till date. It is the high pitched sound in the track.
The Lord of Success. Let's begin the inner journey through the sacred resonance setting alight the inner lamp of the root chakra! The Magical moment of the awakened moment of NOW!


Listen to sample track one- The Inner Aum: Siddhi Ganapathy: 

Track 2: Siddha Namah Sivaya: One of India's foremost Sage, Sri Adi Shankara, re-awakened the ancient wisdom of "Advaita", the essence of enlightenment. Advaita means Oneness- everything is God, all that is, is God, each of us are God.
His life was a message with a deep Siddha secret of tantric wisdom. Wherever he went, he worshipped Sakthi, the Goddess. His songs were of intense devotion, mostly to Lord Vishnu. He was the epitome of Lord Siva. Sri Adi Shankara represented the prayer of finding union in the most powerful trinity of knowing the Divine.

By singing and being devotional to Lord Vishnu- he was aware in the human duties as Lord Vishnu represents the mind aligned with Source that sustains us. By being detached as a an ascetic, he was the Spirit in the body. By worshipping the Mother, Sakthi, he enabled the awakened energies of Kundalini to accomplish purpose.

The secrets of the Siddhars is in bringing together the higher wisdom that allows the evolving grace to flow. AUM Na Ma Si Va Ya is a powerful mantra that activates every chakra of ours, thus transforming our inner and outer world. When each syllable is put into a divine form as in the Siddha Namah Sivaya mantra, the mystical sacred resonance brings together Goddess Sakthi, Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva together.

Track 3: Sri Yantra: Creation, sustenance and destruction is energy. The Goddess is Energy. Goddess Sakthi that contains within Her the three facets and the the endless trinities multiplying around it. In this track, there is three different chants of the mantra Aum Sakthi to enable the sacred Goddess to manifest in the resonance.


Track 4. Nambi Hills: This is an ancient spiritual center in the Siddhar wilderness, where beings of light congregate. Experience the joys of light through the presence invoked through the energies of this music!


Track 5: Dance of Kundalini: Thai Poosam-The spiritual journey of this track is to the shrine of Lord Muruga, the deity of transformation, spiritual knowledge, and overwhelming powers of Divine Light, which can instantly transform unconsciousness to consciousness.

Lord Muruga is the Son of Lord Siva, born through the third eye. He is represented as the six-pointed star (as in the Star of David). In this, again, we see the importance of the triangle from another view. The inverted triangle is Sakthi (the body, or the manifested), and the ascending triangle is Siva (the Spirit, or the unmanifested). It can also be seen as the joining of the yoni and the lingam (the female and male primal energies that creates and sacred void through which all is absorbed to simply be). The center of these two triangles is the void that is both the pregnant womb below, and the third eye above, where all the potential of the Kundalini force has now opened and matured and can be used to manifest in either the physical or spiritual realm. In the Siddhar path, Lord Muruga is worshipped as the Guru to all Gurus. As the immortal, eternally youthful teacher, the presence of Lord Muruga is the awakened Kundalini within us. Lord Muruga carries a "Vel" (a lance). The Vel symbolizes “sushumna” or the ascending Kundalini fire that moves through the spinal cord.

A journey to climb up to Siddhar Bhoganathar's shrine and experience the joys of the awakened Kundalini as in the form of Lord Muruga, the golden fire within. Nandhi's chants and the didgeridoo.



Track 6: The Secretive Vasi Mantra Vasi is a secret word that means far too many facets of the divine. Si Va put backwards is Va Si. To know the Absolute through breath is Va Si. The sound Va Si holds transforming wisdom of the breath. to that state beyond breath.

This track contains a small challenge to of the yogi breath around the world. Yoga is not about being a good gymnast or about memorizing scriptures but about going beyond breath to be one with Source. The wisdom of the breath and the breathless realm is entwined to the resonance of the mantra.


Click here to download this image! 8"x10" image of the MahaSiddha Mantra

The mantra:


Si Va Ya Na Ma

Ya Na Va Si Ma

Ma Va Ya Na Si

Si Ya Na Ma Va

Va Si Ma Ya Na


Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum, Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum



Track 7: Invoke the Siddhar Gurus by Siddhar Rajaswamy:

The actual live recording of the invocation of the perfected light beings, the Siddhars, in a Siddhar threshold in Mahalingamalai at an auspicious time with the sacred fire by Siddhar Rajaswamy.



Invoke the 210 Siddhar Gurus by Siddhar Rajaswamy:

The actual live recording of the invocation of the perfected light beings, the Siddhars, in a Siddhar threshold in Mahalingamalai at an auspicious time with the sacred fire by Siddhar Rajaswamy.

The story behind this powerful invocation: Siddhar Rajaswamy served Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar for many years, accompanying the grandmaster of enlightened yogis through the forests and occasional forays into towns and cities.
After several years of being with his guru, Siddhar Rajaswamy was asked by Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar- "Recite your inner mantra". Siddhar Rajaswamy immediately began reciting various Goddess mantras and other mantras that he felt was close to his heart. Each time a mantra was recited, Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar would say, "No. Keep quiet". For several months, Siddhar Rajaswamy wondered what the inner meaning of this immense question was. One day, Siddhar Thalaiyattinathar told Siddhar Rajaswamy, "Any mantra recited creates energy that goes back to the person who gave the mantra. There are the inner mantras that emerge from our sub-consciousness. There are mantras that invoke the presence of the Masters. When we invoke the presence of the Masters of Light, should even one of the Masters grace us, our life is totally transformed. Recite the invocation of the 210 Siddhar Masters as a daily mantra and be transformed as a Siddhar yourself. These 210 Siddhars who we recite keep taking birth to reenter as human to take humanity to the next level. These 210 Siddhars have taken form as Christ, Swami Vivekananda and all the enlightened beings. Recite the invocation and may their presence be a blessing to all on earth".

The sacred gathering's chorus of "AROHARA" at the end of each invocation means, "We invoke the sacred presence of the divinity within ourselves in our inner fire". "Arohara" is the inner fire we visualize as we allow the resonance to alight us within. Recite within yourself, "AROHARA" at the end of each invocation to feel and enjoy the presence of the beings of light in our life!

Click on the dove to listen to Siddhar Rajaswamy, the ancient Siddhar mantra song that you could sing along!

The deep meanings within Siddhar Rajaswamy's sacred chants are: Siddhars reveal the place of samadhi (where they decide to leave the physical body once and for all). What is kept a secret is the place of intense meditation- tapas. Siddhars meditate for years and years together. Siddjar Thirumulanathar states that he meditated for over a thousand years to attain the 'light' body. The meditative place of each Siddhar is an eternal home to the meditator. In Tamil there is a proverb that states, "It takes a snake to know where the snake's legs are". In other words, it takes a Siddhar to know the secrets of the Siddhar world. Siddhar Thalayattinathar, Siddhar Rajaswamy's Guru had passed on the highly empowered secret mantras to enable invoke the Siddhars from thier secretive meditative places. When a Siddhar Sage is invoked from the place where intense meditation of years and years is done, the call for their presence is louder. It is like ringing the door bell. Siddhar Rajaswamy's immense gift for humanity as the Siddhar invocations, is precious. Utilize these chants on this sacred day. Be graced by the Beings of Light. In the words of Siddhar Thalayattinathar to Siddhar Rajaswamy, "Should even one of these Beings of Light be present in your life, you are supremely graced."

A rare picture of Siddhar Sri Sri Rajaswamy's guru, Siddhar Sri. Sri. Kakapusundar Thalayattinathar.


Journey with Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi as in grace of breath, vision and the ancient resonance of One. These are the tracks from Invoke the Masters album.