Supreme Self- Siva Perfect Being, the Eternal Yogi

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Supreme Self- Siva "Aum Namah SivayaLetter Five is the seat of NandhiLetter Five is the Holy MantraLetter Five is the Divine ChakraLetter Five is Lord's Abode."...Read more

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Supreme Self- Siva

"Aum Namah Sivaya
Letter Five is the seat of Nandhi
Letter Five is the Holy Mantra
Letter Five is the Divine Chakra
Letter Five is Lord's Abode."

-Siddhar Thirumulanathar

The mind full of a single thought then transforms in knowing the Absolute and surrendering to the Void. The destruction of the temporary is complete with the Presence of the Absolute. The Absolute is then pure bliss recognized in us as our Supreme Self. The Void in us is the humility with ego surrendered and as a vast empty vessel holding the Cosmic Dancer who adorns the Moon of rejuvenating energies and the Sun of sacred wisdom.

In our pathway to experience Siva, we throw aside beliefs to know that our ego is the creator, our mind is the sustainer and our soul is the Holy Ghost that as Supreme Self can be experienced as bliss. The Supreme Self is the eternal yogi within ourselves to be experienced as Satchidananda, meaning- "Sat as truth and silence; Chit as our perception/our mind and as existence, Ananda as pure bliss and knowing". Satchidananda is the dweller in each of us, recognized as He! Shiva, the Supreme Self!

As we climb above to the Source beyond our breath to experience Oneness with the Absolute, we are Siva!
Characteristics: heals, manifests, inspires, showers harmony, protects, guides

Ideal Place: meditation/yoga room, living room, dining hall, office room, study, hospital, children's room

Chakra Centers: From the heart, connecting to the third eye, between the eye brows