Yogi's Breath Esa Nathar (Jesus Christ)-- Breath of Source!

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Yogic Breath- Siddhar Isanathar "Breath through Sushumna coursing,Kundalini fire blaze aloft;Light above emanated,Pervading the worldAnd engulfing entire cosmic...Read more

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Yogic Breath- Siddhar Isanathar

"Breath through Sushumna coursing,
Kundalini fire blaze aloft;
Light above emanated,
Pervading the world
And engulfing entire cosmic Space
That I saw in me and sought within."

-Siddhar Thirumulanathar

Realized Beings journeying beyond enlightenment, call the third eye, 'the sacred perch'. When 'seated' there with every breath attuned to merging the thought beyond breath as connected to Source, the limited mind gives way to higher consciousness. So when Christ says, "My Father and I are One", He is actually in the experience of divine union, connected with Source- conscious of every breath.

The coursing of energies through the breath, pranayama, is a yogic science that has many techniques. The awakened energies in us, the Kundalini, climbs above through the spine as a golden light called 'Sushumna'. As the golden fire ascends upwards, it blossoms all the energy centers in its path that transforms the inner and external aspects of the meditator. On reaching above, the consciousness finally settles down as in Divine union, to experience the joy of Being...connected to the One... as Source!

Characteristics: heals, manifests, inspires, showers harmony, protects, guides

Ideal Place: meditation/yoga room, living room, dining hall, office room, study, hospital, children's room

Chakra Centers: From the heart, connecting to the third eye, between the eye brows