Who are the Siddhas?

Feb 06 2017

Siddhar Sages are the liberated mystical yogis who journey beyond ‘enlightenment’. The grace of self-knowledge, stillness and the highest purpose of life is attained through connecting to the Guru and the ancient lineage of light in experiential teachings of breath, resonance and yogic techniques. Much less is known of the yogic traditions of South India as it was guarded in secrecy and taught in the traditional manner of guru to the spiritually mature disciple. In most cases the enlightened beings went on to evolve into the final objective of yoga and that was to merge into God in the physical...

What is Dharma?

Feb 06 2017

  “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” – Mahatma Gandhi “It is exclusively in Dharma that progress can be made on the spiritual path. Of all dharma, the most potent is feeding the hungry.”- Siddhar Rajaswamy “Those who know the yogic grace of attainment know feeding the hungry as the heart’s most desired action and doing.”- Siddhar Bhairavasekar Swamy “Empower yourself, dissolve your bad karma, awaken grace- through – feeding the hungry”- Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma “Feed the hungry and know that realities too are directly enriched...

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