9 Yogic Tips for Awakening Every Morning!

Feb 06 2017 yogic tips

These are times of change- obsolete establishments will crumble and thoughts gain precedence to usher this New Age of Higher Consciousness. This newer moment each one of us our experiencing in our reality, is when even those with a distant awareness of Self will come to realize “awake grace” with ease. “Waking up” to receive grace each breath, we lift collective consciousness of humanity just by our simple aware breath- each breath. Nandhiji conveys the blessings of his Gurus as yogic insights that are meaningful in manifesting our heart’s inner most desire. The closer we get to Source, the more...

6 Reasons Why Lighting A Lamp Is The Ultimate Yogic Practice!

Feb 06 2017 Yogic Lamp

  For a yogi, lighting a Lamp is a daily discipline, spiritual tool and a key to meditation. Fire has been a core principle in nearly all traditions, cultures and religions across the globe. Lighting a Lamp as a daily ritual is a key step taken on the path of light, fire and grace. About two decades ago, when as a wandering yogi seeker, I was meditating in the caves of Arunachala. There was this young monk, Muthu aged 14 who had started his first week of meditation in the same cave. The next day morning we went up to see Guru...

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