9 Yogic Tips for Awakening Every Morning!

9 Yogic Tips for Awakening Every Morning!

Feb 06 2017 yogic tips

These are times of change- obsolete establishments will crumble and thoughts gain precedence to usher this New Age of Higher Consciousness. This newer moment each one of us our experiencing in our reality, is when even those with a distant awareness of Self will come to realize “awake grace” with ease. “Waking up” to receive grace each breath, we lift collective consciousness of humanity just by our simple aware breath- each breath.

Nandhiji conveys the blessings of his Gurus as yogic insights that are meaningful in manifesting our heart’s inner most desire. The closer we get to Source, the more expanded our mind  The insights below serve this inner journey!

1. The ageless and most potent question that woke up all prophets, saints and masters of higher consciousness began with “Who am I?”. Ask this question just when waking up as the mind has not picked up clutter yet and is ready for import of Source energy. Prod the mind to “I Am” as thoughts and in the stillness, surrender the day’s thoughts of worries and happiness into the Divine. When stillness of the mind is achieved, at least for a minute, get the day started.  To be the “I am!” experience is to be the Spirit having the human experience- a magical day then unfolds!
2. Siddhar Rajaswamy would often say, “It is all the mind!”. What he meant was that the mind conceives the reality we wish and the Siddhar teachings are on how to make our mind work for us.  Get the mind to then ask, “What am I doing here in this body, in this circumstance on Planet Earth?” and remind yourself of your heart’s purpose. The transition of thoughts from “I Am” to “This is my purpose” is a powerful exercise to be in the state of higher frequency energies.
3. The transition  from “I Am” into  “I am awake to my innermost purpose” requires us to recognizing ourselves as in several sheaths of energy and knowing each thought to constitute a specific energy field to be penetrated. The final sheath is that of vibrant joy- called spanda, that is the dance of Lord Nataraja as the essence of being Spirit. The stillness experience is the awareness of merging the two sacred void space- that energy space within the atom where Lord Siva is called Anuraj and the vast void space that holds all the universes- Nataraj. To know this sacred void called Sunyam is the I Am experience that all realized masters of higher consciousness tap into. Spanda is the vibrant orgasmic joy we throb in as in awe with the unfolding of each moment.
4. Set the energy of gratitude. From the energy of gratitude is abundance and the specifics of gratitude is the specifics of abundance we might wish for.
– Put your palm over your eyelids and thank your father (right palm) and your mother (left palm) for the body we are in. Try to imagine their acts of love when we are little. Gratitude to parents is a powerful thought that not only heals our body ailments but also heals the deep emotional issues within us.
– Count your blessings received. Search, find, recognize all the blessings around you and express gratitude to Source.
– Express gratitude to whom you live with. The ‘neighbor’ i.e, the person/s next to you, when doused with your expression of gratitude will consciously and/or unconsciously will shift in energies that you will relate to.
5. Touch Mother Earth-  When we touch Mother Earth and express gratitude, love and prayers to be nurtured, we are shifted in our energy field and Mother Earth too sustains, protects and blossoms us.
6. Light a Lamp- Lighting a lamp every day has been the single most important  teachings Nandhi received.  Beyond cleansing the mind to accommodate Source and enabling our mind to be Source aligned, there are more insights. Alighting our daily lamp enables our planet like mind (with its moods) to transform to be sun like- glowing with radiance and fullness.  For more on the wisdom of the Lamp: click here.


7. Meditate! Do yoga! There can be no shortcut to direct wisdom other than through meditation. Meditation enables Self-knowledge. Meditation aligns the mind to Source and serves as an intense prayer that allows Source to take charge of our mind and reality. Yoga helps step into the process of meditation. Yoga/ tai-chi etc in itself could be an empowered form of meditation. Meditation gifts us with immense patience and the knowing of our individual purpose.
8. Say a prayer to the Sun. Utilize the Sun energy to shift our mind from being planet like with its moods of day and night to becoming the Sun- whole, complete, brilliant and being the radiant, shining from within.
9. Peace and harmony is the innermost quality of higher consciousness. As stated by DR David Hawkins, the essence of peace is one of the highest in calibrations of energy. Wish for peace, harmony, love, oneness, ahimsa (non-violence, non-killing) and higher consciousness for all humanity and all the living creatures. Making this intent most certainly raises our own vibrations. Let our cry for peace as in Oneness be reality! May we climb above beliefs to be the essence of Source that is peace and love.
Nandhiji guides you through this intent in this video below:
Sing Peace:  Shalom- Sacred Intent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjJcO_JwBCc